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Our Mission

To promote the honor and dignity of the legal profession, to educate its members and the public, to foster the highest professional standards, to encourage collegiality among its members, to advance the fair and effective administration of justice, and to provide and recognize public service as it relates to this mission.

It's MCLE Audit Time

MCLE Group 2: Audit letters from the State Bar will go out the week of July 7th to approximately 5,200 attorneys to ensure compliance with Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements. The sample represents about 10 percent of attorneys in MCLE group 2 (last names begin with the letters H through M). Attorneys will be asked to provide certificates of course completion or prove they are statutorily exempt by Aug. 21.

The audit will include lawyers who had to make up missing hours as a result of being audited in 2012. In addition, it will include a higher proportion of those with other risk factors for doing poorly on the audit, such as a history of administrative actions or late filing of MCLE compliance. The remaining 2,000 or so will be chosen at random from attorneys whose last names begin with the letters H through M.

For more information about MCLE requirements and reporting, visit the State Bar’s MCLE web page.