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To promote the honor and dignity of the legal profession, to educate its members and the public, to foster the highest professional standards, to encourage collegiality among its members, to advance the fair and effective administration of justice, and to provide and recognize public service as it relates to this mission.

Proposed Changes to Civil Jury Instructions

The Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions has approved and posted its 26th release of proposed revisions to the civil instructions (CACI) for public comment. In response to developments in the law over the last six months, this release includes proposed new and revised instructions and verdict forms, one proposed revoked instruction (CACI No. 1808), and the creation of a new series on Whistleblower Protection, which would involve moving instructions that are currently in the Wrongful Termination (CACI No. 2400 et seq.) and Labor Code Actions (CACI No. 2700 et seq.) series. They are very interested in your input.

The proposed changes and additions are available for viewing on the internet at
Only these currently proposed changes and additions are being submitted for comment at this time. Other comments are gladly accepted, but the committee will not be able to consider them until the next release cycle.

The deadline for comments is February 27, 2015, at 5 p.m.