Trial Support

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Located directly across from the SLO Courthouse
1060 Palm Street, 2nd Floor, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Ph: (805) 439-1800   Fx: (805) 439-1802

Our experienced trial technician is ready to assist your firm in presenting your exhibits in a fashion that interests the jury, not bores them.  Show the court how organized and modern your firm is by having the best display available.

- We provide the equipment, technology and the best software to digitize your exhibits and display them in the courtroom.

- We will sync video-taped depositions with transcripts to display in the courtroom side-by-side with your exhibits.

-  We provide the monitors necessary for the judge and witnesses, as well as for the attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant.  

- We provide the highest quality HD projectors with the highest quality lumens, as well as the projector screen, digital Elmo, etc.  

- We provide portable printers and scanners for duplication of jury questionnaires.

Not sure what this is all about? Ask us for a free demo ... and get ready to blow away your competition!